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COSCO Shipping(Xiamen) Co., Ltd.(Xiamen Ocean Shipping Company as her former name)is a wholly owned subsidiary of China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited. The company was established in the city of Xiamen in October 1993, with registered capital of 618.33 million Yuan. We are now mainly operating the international dry bulk and break bulk shipping business on the America — Far East and Southeast Asia — Mediterranean line, and passenger and cargo transportation between China Mainland and Taiwan. We own 9 ships of different types, including 7 international dry bulk and multi purpose cargo vessels, 1 high-speed passenger ship shuttling between Xiamen and Kinmen Island (“mini three links” ), and 1 ro/ro passenger ship sailing between Xiamen and Taiwan Island (“three links”). To better serve our customers, we carefully selected and ordered five 38,300 DWT vessels of GREEN DOLPHIN type in 2014. In order to be more conducive to the operation of our shipping route, we modify the length, beam, and hatch size of this GREEN DOLPHIN type, and add tween-decks to some cargo holds. These modifications increase the operation flexibility of the new vessels, and make them appropriate for more types of cargos. The join of the new BC383 series of vessels, will not only upgrades our fleet ability continuously and strongly, but also help us to provide better service to our customers. It will play an important role in enhancing the competitiveness, increasing the marketing ability, and expanding the brand influence of COSCO Shipping(Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

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