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Martin Bencher Group
We are Martin Bencher. We were born in 1997 and just celebrated our 20th years birthday. Now we are well out of our teens – but still a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team with a company culture we are proud of. The last few years we have grown significantly and with our current strategy we expect this to continue. Our biggest passion is working together across the planet on getting your project to run smoothly all the way from the factory to the jobsite in the jungle. Our first offices and cargo took us from Asia to Europe and we’ve been opening offices and taking care of projects all over the world ever since. Nowadays we have own offices in the biggest hubs of the world – close to our customers – and we have trusted friends and partners in most other strategically important locations. We hire personalities and train for skills. Hopefully you feel this when you are working with someone from the Martin Bencher family. The relationship between you and us is central at Martin Bencher. Close relations are very important to us. “In Martin Bencher, we have always been able to attract talented and hardworking people; people who do the right things – and do things right. Usually, talented and hardworking people tend to be luckier than others. And to continue to do well the next 20 years also, we will need more hard work, talent – and a little bit of luck.” – Peter Thorsoe Jensen, CEO. Martin Bencher is committed to demonstrating a high standard of corporate social responsibility. We encourage and commit to behave ethically and contribute to economic and environmental development globally and locally. We do this by implementing and communicating ethical standards at our workplace and complying with international norms and the UN Global Compact. We operate according to our Integrated Management System, which we call the Martin Bencher Standards. We have gathered all Quality, Health & Safety and Environment systems into one. We offer own QHSE organization, own internal QHSE training to maintain a dedicated and trained project staff, own system for approval of subcontractors, and own system for risk management. Martin Bencher is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The update to 9001:2015 means that we follow the new risk-based thinking in all our processes, and identify the management responsibility. We ensure that we control our work from start to completion. We control our health and safety during our daily work and on site. It helps us to ensure that all MB employees and our suppliers are safe when doing our work – both at the offices but also when we work on sites. We also control our environmental work place – working at our offices or on sites. Environmental assessments are the foundation for our work with the environment. We ensure that we control our environmental footprint from start to completion. Other words that describe us? Reliable, high quality, useful, unique, and good value for money –that’s what our customers tell us.

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