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Rubb Group

The Rubb Group is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and construction of custom made engineered fabric buildings.

Founded in 1968, Rubb’s building solutions cover a range of sectors including ports, logistics, storage, aviation, energy, sports, military, emergency relief and environmental.

Discover the world of Rubb cargo, breakbulk and logistics warehouses at Breakbulk Asia.

Find out how the unique advantages of Rubb’s high quality, affordable, flexible and adaptable structures can benefit organisations in the freight forwarding, warehousing, logistics, cargo and port industries. 

Rubb storage warehouses can be quickly installed on site, but also can be modified, extended or even moved to suit changing operational needs.

This allows ends users flexibility in how they operate and use their cargo warehouse space.

Rubb buildings are noted for their quality components, flexibility in design, energy efficiencies, quick construction and longevity.

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