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TaiCang International Container Terminal CO.,LTD
TaiCang International Container Terminal Co., Ltd. (“TICT”), located in Taicang Port core area, is the first international and professional public terminals in Taicang Port. It is a joint venture company established in May 1998 with registered capital of RMB 450.8 million and aggregate investment of RMB 1.2 billion, which specializes in container and break bulk cargo handling, warehousing, transportation and other auxiliary service.

Taicang Port used to be called “Six-Nation Wharf” in the ancient times, where Zhenghe initiated its sailing to west oceans. It is also No.1 international port within Jiangsu Province Since opening, TICT’s business volume kept rising ever since it commenced operation on 18 December 1998. With its rapid development, container and break bulk annual throughput volume exceeded 500,000 TEUs and 5,000,000 tons respectively.

As for break bulk business, timber, steel, equipment & component are the pillar cargo types handled with rich practical experience. TICT has already developed into the bridgehead cross the strait in Yangtze River Delta, linking container trans-shipping hubs in South China, North China and along the upper reaches of Yangtze River. It is the national designated terminals for Canadian logs, No.1 Terminals for China import timber, and major export port for wind power equipment in East China TICT is located at the south bank of the lower reaches of Yangtze River(31039'N, 121012'E)within Suzhou City. It is in the joint of Yangtze River and East Sea with excellent deep-water coastlines.

With the same navigation conditions as Shanghai WGQ Port Area, TICT provides 24-hour non-stop water way and one-stop pilotage service. The natural depth at quayside is -12m, capable of handling 70,000-tonnage vessels round the clock. Meanwhile, Gen5, Gen6 large-scale container vessels, 100,000-tonnage fully-loaded bulk carriers and 200,000-tonnage not-fully-loaded bulk carriers could also pass Yangtze estuary and reach TICT by tide. Equipped with advanced facilities and operation management system, operated by dedicated staff and experienced management team, TICT provides world-class container and break bulk handling service, and cherished by customers as their preferred partner.

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