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Tianjin Lingang Port Group
Tianjin Lingang Port Group Co,.Ltd., formerly Tianjin Lingang Industrial Port Co.,Ltd. founded in March 2004, was registered on March 29, 2011. Authorized by Administration Commission of Tianjin Harbor Economic Area, the Group takes charge of coastline development and vessel access control within DaGu Port Area. For the ISO9001,ISO14001,and OHSAS18001 certificate bearer, its business scope covers construction, development, operation, cargo loading & unloading, warehousing and logistic service of ports, channels, jetties and supporting land facilities. The port jetty sets up 7 general-purpose berths numbered 1, 10 through 14, and 18, 5 berths for liquefaction numbered 5 through 9, 2 berths for grain & oil numbered 2 and 3, and totally 14 berths with capacity of 50,000-70,000 DWT. Goods under operation includes bulk cargos, wind power devices, equipment, vehicles, fertilizer, timber, grain & oil and liquefactions. Especially in heavy-duty equipment work, the Group stands out. Upholding the philosophy of “TENACITY, LEADING, FAITH, WIN-WIN”, the port service provider seizes opportunities to develop on a scientific basis. Benefited by spacious land and developed transportation channels, it exerts great efforts to promote economic growth in light of leading port service experience domestically and internationally. To date, the port jetty has taken shape, and contacted more and more regions. Increasingly well functioned, the port area now gets improved in jetty, channel, and warehouse development, and provides transportation, loading & unloading, storage, transit change, harbor industrial service, modern logistic solutions, processing and distribution, as well as portfolio services.

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