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Topsheen Shipping Group
Since its foundation in 2005, the Group headquartered in Nanjing and set up branches in Shanghai and Beijing; We have offices in Angola, Congo(DRC), Mozambique and Tianjin. The main business of Group is global dry bulk shipping business with supporting logistics services. The group has a highly specialized and the extremely rich experiences management team. Based on strong finance foundation and long term management philosophy of safety and reliability, Topsheen provided excellent service for our customers which has established a strong presence and good reputation in the international shipping industry. Since 2005, the Group explores the African market actively; currently our services cover most east and west Africa ports from Kenya to Mauritania, which is our core route. With the ensuring of a market’s leading role in the West African route, at the same time, the Group has successively expanded services in recent years from the Far East to South America, the Far East to Middle East, China to Southeast Asia. Since 2013, the Far East to South America routes become another core liner route. Services cover the east coast of South America, and Brazil’s major ports. In the completion of the Far East to the Atlantic exports, the Group undertakes a large number of bulk cargo transportations from the Atlantic to the Far East, including iron ore, manganese ore, and grain etc,. In addition to traditional international shipping business, relying on good long-term cooperation with the domestic and overseas ports, logistics, and warehousing suppliers, the Group can also provide personalized transportation services and inland transferring services to customers in Africa. Based on Beira, Durban, Luanda, Tema, Abidjan and Dakar, etc., radiated to the interior Africa, personalized transportation services and transferring services cover include Zambia, Botswana, Chad, Niger, Mali and many other African Inland countries.

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